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 Professional Program Facilitation

Aid in developing essential life skills

Build stronger, more effective communities

Build self sufficient individuals

Save time and money of organizations

Create resources to help alleviate stress from other  professionals

Deliver superior program facilitation

even though the ending is not in sight, the journey is worth taking

Life Skills Online Resources

 Aid in development of personal and life skills

Build stronger  individuals

Easily accessible resources

Save time and money of organizations

PDF downloadable resources

Cost efficient resources

Regularly updated new online resources



 Services Available

TLE offers facilitation services with the two developed programs, Youth Steps and Girl Talk. TLE also offers many online resources that can easily be downloaded and printed for individual use or participant learning.

Very detailed program which teaches youth the essential life skills needed to achieve a healthy sense of self worth which aids in the transition into adulthood. This is a unique program designed for both males and females ages 16-19, comprised of both theory and interactive activities. There are 19 modules which can be facilitated on a customized basis for various lengths and times depending on suitability and availability. Some important topics include; values, beliefs, relationships, communication skills, conflict resolution, and substance abuse are just to name a few topics covered. Please contact TLE for more information on Youth Steps and costs associated with facilation.

Interactive program designed for those who identify as females; focusing on emotional, societal and physical demands that young women face in their transition to adulthood. Being divided into two programs, ages 12-15 and ages 16-19, allows for a more individualized program focusing on the different needs for each age group. There are 12 modules that focus on important topics such as; healthy relationships, self-esteem, conflict resolution, bullying, substance abuse and healthy self worth. These modules can be facilitated on a customizable basis for various lengths and times given the suitability and availability. Please contact TLE for further information on Girl Talk or costs associated with facilitation.

Many resources are available and TLE will continue to create more resources which help aid in the development of life skills and personal skills. Life skills such as communication, conflict resolution and others will be covered in the available activities. Personal skills such as self-esteem building, values, beliefs, and self worth activities will be available. All the resources will be various printable activities and worksheets that will help aid in the development of essential skills. These resources can be used for personal use or professional use. Pease take a look the online shop to see what resources are available, and please be sure to check back soon to see new resources that have been added. Please contact TLE with any questions or comments. Button below will take you to the TLE shop!

Online Resource Shop

Please take a look at the TLE Esty shop, where all the online resources for healthy life skills development can be found.



Please be aware that due to the complexity with program facilitation, TLE is unable to provide prices and costs associated with program facilitation. The costs will need to be discussed further in regards to length and content needed for program facilitation. 

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