Why Choose TLE

True Life Enhancements will continue to strive to create the

best life skills development resources that are current and up to date throughout the

ever changing ways of today’s society.

Evidence Based

All material has been developed from an evidence based perspective.

Custom Programming

All programs can be facilitated on a customizable basis given the needs of the individuals .

Affordable Prizes

All products are highly affordable, high quality products with affordable prices.

About TLE

TLE will always continue to grow and learn in order to provide the best resources to aid in life skills development. TLE provides these resources largely to various organizations who also strive to aid individuals. Saving the time and money of organizations allows for more individuals to be reached and to be best served by being taught the essential life skills from the resources here at TLE.



Why is TLE different?


TLE strives to excel over expectations and will continue to learn and gain experience to better enhance the programs and services.

All programs and resources have been created with an unique evidence based approach, changing through the years with the changes in society. Based on experience with working with both adults and youth, TLE develops resources relevant to the needs of individuals.

Interactive programming allows for all participants to be involved so therefore programming meets all the learning needs for each participant. The programming builds a strong bond for each participant which helps the overall outcomes.

Not only will your clients benefit from learning essential life skills, your organization also benefits saving time and money creating your own resources, when the resources of TLE  have been tested and proven to impact all individuals involved.

  • Superior Quality
  • Evidence Based
  • Custom Programming
  • Interactive Programming
  • Save the time and money of organizations

Latest Work

TLE is continuously working on new life skills programming and resources to save your organization time and money, please take a look at the latest work.

Youth Steps Program

Interactive program suited for youth ages 16-21 to develop the proper life skills to achieve success in their lives.

Girl Talk Program

Two programs for young girls ages 12-16 and 17-21 focuses on building a stronger self worth aiding life skill development.

Online Resources

Various worksheets and workbooks designed to instil individuals with the essential life skills.

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What People Say

 “True Life Enhancements has proven themselves through their Girl Talk Program. This program actually does make a difference in the lives of those who attend. This program is a hidden jewel of rescue that needs to be greatly supported and expanded, and if this program is an insight to their future social justice work, then I am proud and honored to be a part of this community and support their growth.”

Pictou Youth Center